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AXA XL ILS Capital Management serves as a conduit through which institutional investors, such as pension funds, sovereign funds and asset managers, can access insurance and reinsurance risk premium opportunities in co-participation with AXA XL, No. 1 P&C commercial lines platform. AXA XL ILS Capital Management operates within the Reinsurance Segment of AXA XL.

AXA XL ILS Capital Management facilitates strategic partnerships between investors and AXA XL by providing prospective partners opportunities to participate in a range of strategies and structures, subject to investor preference. AXA XL ILS Capital Management can facilitate participation through funds of one, commingled (open or closed end) funds, segregated account funds or direct participation in special purpose insurers or segregated account special purpose insurers.

Key highlights

Approximately $1.2B in assets under management (12/31/2020)

AXA XL has been active in the Alternative Capital segment of the (re)insurance industry since 1993.

Fund based offerings were first launched in December 2013 through New Ocean Capital Management.

Investment opportunities and strategies currently available to investors spans the entire risk/reward spectrum.

Access to AXA XL's broad and deep global franchise for origination, underwriting and servicing of (re)insurance risks.

The primary operating entities comprising AXA XL ILS Capital Management at AXA XL are New Ocean Capital Management and XL Underwriting Managers. AXA SA is the 100% beneficial owner of XL Underwriting Managers and New Ocean Capital Management and all links in the ownership chain are 100%.

By participating through AXA XL ILS Capital Management, investors benefit from the full suite of expertise that leverages AXA XL's world-class risk origination and underwriting franchise and XL Underwriting Manager's portfolio construction and management expertise, and New Ocean Capital Management's proven fiduciary experience; each of which are directly supported by AXA XL ILS Capital Management's skilled (re)insurance and capital markets experts. Our expert structuring team have formed bespoke SPI's to meet specific investor needs and profiles.

AXA XL ILS Capital Management

The AXA XL ILS Capital Management (Alternative Capital business) serves to facilitate strategic partnerships between AXA XL and third-party institutional investors

Activities within the alternative capital space are founded on the principals of transparency and co-participation

On overall basis AXA XL will co-participate on risks shared with strategic partners, fostering alignment of interest

The AXA XL ILS Capital Management business manages funds and SPVs and can make available existing infrastructure dedicated to AXA XL's ILS Capital Management business to facilitate swift execution while minimizing frictional transaction costs

AXA XL ILS Capital Management is Supported by AXA Group & AXA XL

AXA XL ILS Capital Management (Stamford, Bermuda)

Operations, Risk Management Compliance, Finance
Structuring & Execution
Portfolio Management
Research & Quantitative Analytics
Business Development & Investor Relations

Supported by broader capabilities of AXA Group and AXA XL

Risk Management
Modeling & Pricing
(Re)Insurance Underwriting
Claims Management
Finance & Accounting
(Re)Insurance Operations
Ceded Re

AXA XL ILS Capital Management has a dedicated, focused team able to leverage both the AXA XL franchise (~9,000 people) as well as AXA Group (~160,000 people)